Update to My Wiki Project.

Lately my Veccipedia project has become the bell of the ball at Valley Emergency Communications Center. A few months ago, we had some engineers from Cassidian Communications visit VECC and spend the day with a few of our call takers.

The Executive Director of Valley Emergency sent out the following email in regards to their visit.

The Cassidian engineers were extremely complimentary about the knowledge, professionalism, and cooperation they witnessed from the call-takers (listed as TO addressees in this email) they spent time with.  They were very impressed that the call-takers had a good understanding of their specific responsibilities and the responsibilities of the dispatchers they would be sending calls to.  They also admired VECCipedia and the way it has been integrated into the call-taking/dispatch process.

In a meeting yesterday with our computer-aided dispatch software vendor Spillman Technologies, it was mentioned that recently Spillman’s usability engineer saw our wiki in action and was extremely impressed. Spillman is now implementing a wiki for their internal documentation after seeing the success of our wiki.

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