Exchange 2010 Rules Quota Size Limit & How to Increase the Size

Today one of my Outlook power users received an error while trying to add a spam rule filter. The error was…

“One or more rules could not be uploaded to Exchange server and have been deactivated. This could be because some of the parameters are not supported or there is insufficient space to store all of your rules.”

It turns out that Exchange has a rule for the size of mailbox rules.

The rules size limit for mailboxes in Exchange Server 2007 (and later) has a default size of 64 KB per mailbox. The total rules size limit is also customizable limit up to 256 KB per mailbox.

More Information:

Exchange 2010 rulesquota size limit and how to increase it.

By default Exchange 2007 / 2010 rule size is 64 KB but is expandable to 256 KB.

How to Check the Size:

Get-Mailbox | fl rulesquota
RulesQuota : 64 KB (65,536 bytes)

It was 64KB. Increase it’s size to 256KB:

Set-Mailbox -rulesquota 256KB

Recheck New Size:

Get-Mailbox | fl rulesquota
RulesQuota : 256 KB (262,144 bytes)

It Can Be Set for All Users as well:

get-mailbox|set-mailbox -rulesquota 256kb

Recheck Your Work

get-mailbox|ft rulesquota, alias