How I Sold 5 Guitars Using YouTube

I like to help small businesses with their online marketing.  Starchild Music Productions a small guitar store and guitar teaching studio had purchased 5 Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE to sell to their customers.  After the guitars had sat on the shelf for a few months I decided to try an experiment to get these guitars sold.  I decided to make a video of Jon Dansie, owner of Starchild, playing one of these guitars on his website.

One day we took about 15 minutes to record a simple video using a Flip Ultra HD.  We recorded it in one take.  I edited it using Microsoft Live Essentials 11. I added a simple logo and some text.  After I was happy with the video we uploaded it to YouTube and posted it on Starchild Music Productions website.

Within a few weeks all the guitars were sold.

The cost:

Time: < 1hour

Flip $79.99

Microsoft Live Essentials Movie Maker 11: Free

YouTube: Free

The Profit:

$3000 Gross Profit