Utah NENA Technical Committee Chairman

Last year I was asked to join Utah’s chapter of NENA as Vice Technical Chairman.  Today I was nominated to replace the Chairman on the Technical Committee.

I also presented the state of the Utah NENA website and presented ideas on how to grow our content and increase our readers and participants.  The committee loved the ideas and we started on assigning tasks to implement these ideas.   It should be an exciting year for Utah NENA.



A few years ago I was asked to build a website for the Utah Chapter of National Emergency Number Association (NENA).  I was asked to develop a logo, and a site design.  Mostly Utah-NENA wanted a simple site to share information. I set it up and populated it with their content.  (See It Here) Soon after I finished version 1.0 of the site another person took over the daily operation of the site.

After about two years of the site languishing, I was asked to join the Utah-NENA board as the Technical Committee Vice-Chair. Soon after joining the committee I was asked to redo the site and make it more exciting. I decided that I would convert the site to wordpress and use thesis as its back bone.

This is what it looks like now.