My 2011 Blogging Results

This year wasn’t my best effort blogging but I did see some fruits of my labors.


This year I began to focus on this site.  I sold some advertising on the site for the next year.

I posted 53 times, meeting my goal of once a week.

2011 Unique Visitors = 12,743

2010 Unique Visitors = 2,721

My personal blog stats.

This year eransworld had some serious setbacks.  I changed hosts and it killed a lot of my seo and site functionality for  months.  It plagued me for much of the second half of the year.  The other thing that happened is that I had some serious writers block. I didn’t know what to write about and the blog suffered.  I did still improve however.

I posted 79 posts.

2011 Unique Visitors = 36,587

2010 Unique Visitors = 26,346

Starchild Music

My friend and guitar teachers website did better as well but not as well as we had hoped.  Jon had some serious challenges that prevented us from being more successful.   This year we are going to be hitting it hard and hope for bigger and better success.

2011 Unique Visitors = 2,513

2010 Unique Visitors = 1,293

There are three other sites that I am a contributor to but I chose not to list their stats due to privacy concerns.