Using Adobe Photoshop to Create a Large Ceremonial Check

Sometimes photoshop skills are necessary in my jack of all things Information Technology related. At my current job we don’t have a graphic designers so I am constantly being asked to create this, edit this photo or help with this presentation etc.  Photoshop and Illustrator are used often.

I have been using Adobe’s Photoshop since version 5.  Photoshop is a skill that is a must if you create websites.  I use it to create designs, to create web graphics and to edit photos for the web.

Today I got to create a large ceremonial check for a fundraiser we did for The Utah Food Bank.  The project was fairly simple and straight forward.  I went out to Google and I searched for images of checks.  I wanted to find one that I could copy and or manipulate into what we needed.  I didn’t find any great ones so I decided to create one from scratch.

I used a couple of images of checks to get the dimensions right.  I used the Google images to find the right information displayed on the check.

The next thing I did was do a font search to find the right fonts for the check. I used three fonts.  For the main text I used Tahoma, a Windows font, for the digital computer font for the account number I used MICR Encoding.  I used Scriptina as the signature font. Download the Photoshop PSD File (4.02 MB)

Here is a picture of the check printed out (32 inches by 68 inches).

Photo Courtesy of Utah-NENA Eran Bair Photographer