HP LaserJet 4100n Printer Repairman

Being a jack of all trades in IT means that everyday there is a new challenge.  A few weeks ago our printer in the Technical Services department began making a terrible racket. It sounded terrible. It made an extremely loud popping noise.

It was near the end of our budget year and our budget was gone.  I knew that a service call to Les Olsen or similar repair company costs a bare minimum $200 just for them to come out and diagnose the printer.  I thought I might google and see if we could figure out the problem.  A quick search for HP LaserJet 4100n grinding noise and I find out its a common problem.  I watched a youtube video on how to repair it.

Brokenprinter.com has lots of how to videos.

I begin disassemble and find we have another part that needs replacing. I order both needed parts for around $60 total and with in days the printer is back up and operational.  This printer project took about 2 hours in research and repair. The parts were found online from several parts vendors.  I saved the company a couple hundred bucks and picked up some skills in the process.

HP LaserJet 4100n


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