New Project: Adding Microwave Links Between Agencies

I was asked today to join a joint technical committee that is tasked with gathering the technical specs and implementing a microwave link between Salt Lake City Public Safety, the Salt Lake County Emergency Operations Center and Valley Emergency Communications Center.

The plan is to put up redundant microwave links that will support 18 GB microwave connections so that we can route phones or data to any of the locations. I think it’s going to be an exciting project.

At VECC it’s going to require adding redundancy that includes two Cisco Switches, two Cisco routers, two Cisco ASA firewalls.  It will require us to integrate them into our network so that it can connect to Qwest/Century Links phone network as well as VECC’s internal networks.  This project will make 911 and Public Safety Dispatch and communications safer and more reliable.

I am excited to gain more experience using my Cisco skills.


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