Network Addressing Make Over

We had outgrown our IP allotment and it was time to upgrade. For the first 23 years of VECC we had enough IP addresses to do the things that we needed. We had used up our 254 pubilc IP’s. We didn’t own our own IP’s they were leased from Xmission.  We found out through Century Link that VECC was entitled get more public IP’s through a program that had been set aside for public safety.  We quickly filled out the paper work and got two class C public address ranges.  This was more than enough to do what we had in mind.

When I first started at VECC the software that we used required public IP addresses now this was no longer the case. We could now go to private addressing and VLAN out our networks. I was tasked with making this happen for VECC.

The goals were simple.

  1. Change all the IP addresses in our network to private including Windows and Unix servers
  2. Create VLANs to segregate our different needs
  3. NAT our private server addresses to public IPs.
  4. Make all the necessary routing changes at VECC and coordinate all the routing changes with our different agencies.
  5. Update our two Cisco ASA firewalls to the latest software.
  6. Install and configure Cisco’s AnyConnect VPN
  7. Less than an hour of down time.


I was able to accomplish all of this in just a couple of weeks.  I coordinated with all the different VECC agencies to make the switch on our Frame Relay connections, our Cisco to Cisco IPSec connections as well as our basic internet routing.

I created 5 VLANs for our various needs like servers, workstations, web servers, wireless internal and external. I configured all of our switches and the appropriate ports for the VLAN.  I mapped out the entire physical network, something that had never been done at VECC ever.

This project was a huge undertaking due to all the different agencies that connect to VECC.  My boss credited me with it being a huge success.



Our Next Project: Two Way 300-500 MB Microwave Data Connection

For the past year or so we have been working to create a microwave network to provide a backbone for 9-1-1 IP based  phone system and a Motorola 800 mhz trunked radio system.  Its gone from a tiny project to a very large project.  The parts have been ordered and here some of them are. I will include more details when I am allowed. Here are the back bone core routers we will use Cisco ASR 1002-X’s. We are using for MPLS-VRF.  The WAN has 8 locations and will contain a variety of traffic from 9-1-1 VOIP traffic to 800 mhz trunked radio for Public Safety in Salt Lake County as well as video and data for the airport and other locations.

Update: September 21st 2013
We have installed 4 of the routers and have 1 microwave link up and operational. We have had several delays due to vendors but hope to have this project complete by mid October.

Routers Racked and Ready to Configure
Cisco ASR 1002-X Router

Cisco ASR 1002-X Router -closeup

Configuration Party with all the agencies networking people.

Installing our first router in Unified Police’s server room. We used this router to get their new Viper Phone system attached to VECC’s when their phone system came online.

Finally the vendor is installing the microwave dishes and radios.